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Volunteering tasks - click for a larger imageOur Museum has been developed and is operated entirely through the effort of volunteers. We have come a long way since 1969 when the Museum was founded, to being an Accredited Museum under the scheme operated by Arts Council England, and having the largest collection of historic trolleybuses in the world - many of which are operational. We have big plans for taking the Museum forward into the future, so we need more volunteers to help translate those plans into reality.

Trolleybuses may be the centrepieces of the Museum - and it takes a lot of effort to keep them running and undertake renovation work to bring more of them up to standard - but there is a wide variety of other work required to keep our Museum operating and developing further.

Volunteering - What is it all about?

In simple terms, you come along to our Museum and give us as little or as much of your time as you want (or are able), to do things that will help us.

You don’t have to have an interest in trolleybuses or transport to volunteer at our Museum. We like to be able to help the local community if we can, and believe we are an asset to the area.

Volunteering can benefit you if you are “between jobs” (it becomes something to add to your CV), or want to get out and meet other people, or want to help a “good cause”, or are recently retired and want something to fill some time, or simply have some time to spare.

It could be that you can bring with you and apply skills and / or experience to what you do, or you could learn how to do new things. Some degree of commitment is necessary so we can plan properly what is to be done. Enthusiasm and energy also helps!

Doing something “different” can be very enjoyable and even therapeutic. Working on a project and seeing it progress can be very rewarding, as can using your skills and know-how to help make something happen at the Museum that others will appreciate.

Meeting and working with other volunteers can be great fun and allows you to build up some great friendships. We have volunteers at the Museum from all walks of life, and we all seem to get on well together as we work to make our Museum (hailed by so many visitors as very friendly) succeed and prosper.

Volunteering - When?

We need volunteers

  • On open days, to help make things go with a swing for our visitors
  • During the week and at weekends, to undertake administration, maintenance, gardening, painting, construction, vehicle and other projects and / or staffing for private visits

Volunteering - What tasks need to be done?

On open days, we need volunteers:

  • to prepare the Museum site for opening
  • to wash and clean trolleybuses
  • to act as guides
  • to help in the café
  • to help in the Museum shop
  • to be part of our electrical and mechanical engineering teams
  • to train as trolleybus conductors
  • to do “odd jobs” around the Museum as and when required
  • to wear period clothes and add to the period atmosphere of the Museum
  • to work on our old bicycles so as to bring our cycle shop to life
  • to undertake market research interviews

During the week and at weekends, we need volunteers:

  • for landscape gardening and cutting the grass (and gardening in general)
  • for building maintenance
  • for general painting jobs around the Museum
  • for construction work, big and small
  • to undertake mechanical work (heavy commercial fitting) on trolleybuses and buses
  • to undertake DC electrical work on trolleybuses
  • as woodworkers, metal workers and welders
  • to undertake vehicle bodywork restoration work
  • to help administer our archives

We would also like volunteers we can call upon with the following skills for particular one-off projects:

  • graphic art
  • sign writing
  • CAD drawing and design
  • marketing

Volunteering - How?

Probably the best way to offer your services is to visit us at the Museum on an open day and discuss options with one of our Directors. Alternatively, write to us at the Museum address or send an email to

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