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The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft, (which is the trading name of Sandtoft Transport Centre Limited) is a registered charity (no.514382) through its heritage, historical interest and educational activities. Amongst other things, being a registered charity assists us to seek grants from various bodies, but it also allows us to claim tax repayments from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) on donations and certain other payments made to the Museum - these include:

  • One-off financial donations from individuals
  • Regular ongoing (e.g. monthly) financial donations from individuals
  • Membership subscriptions
  • Admission charges when visiting our Museum PROVIDED THAT it is accompanied at the time of paying by a minimum 10% additional donation (see the Admission Prices page)

- and, whilst costing YOU absolutely nothing, it's worth an extra 25% to US!

To make a Gift Aid payment you must pay sufficient tax in the UK in the relevant tax year to cover the claim we (and other charities you might donate to) make for repayment of tax on your payment. For the purposes of Gift Aid, “tax” is defined as Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) only. Note that if you pay tax at the higher rate, you may be entitled to claim extra relief on your payment - consult your tax advisor about this.

A Gift Aid Declaration needs to be made by you in connection with giving us a donation or paying membership subscriptions and this should be done using our Gift Aid Declaration Form (click the link below to download a PDF copy of this form). Gift Aid on your admission charge to our Museum is dealt with through our till system when you pay (or on occasions, using a paper form given to you at the time).

Gift Aid Declaration Forms are also available at our Museum, either in Reception, or in our Museum shop.

There is a vast range of projects on which the Museum needs to spend money, ranging from routine maintenance of our premises and Museum-owned trolleybuses and buses to restoration of our vehicles, purchase of equipment, construction of buildings, and other expansion and improvement projects. Please help us to maximise the funds available to us by signing up to Gift Aid. It does not involve you in any additional expenditure but increases by 25% the value of monies we get from your donation, subscription or Museum admission payment. Once the paperwork is completed, you need to do nothing else and your Gift Aid declaration remains valid until you tell us otherwise, and particularly, that you are no longer a UK tax payer.

Click here for a Gift Aid Declaration form.


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